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Tree service, tree removal, tree trimming, crane tree removal, view clearing, land clearing, stump removal and more.

Dean and Trent Dawkins have been providing tree service in and around Olympia, WA for decades. Over the years they have become masters at working with and caring for all things trees.
Dawkins Tree Care brings the highest quality workmanship, attention detail and safety to the tree service industry. Proudly serving Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Shelton, Centralia, Chehalis, Castle Rock and the surrounding areas.

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Tree services require heavy equipment, power tools, cranes, rigging experience and can be very hazardous. We are licensed bonded and insured.


Working with trees is dangerous! Having the right equipment and knowing how to use that equipment safely is what separates us from our competition.

Drug Free

We are a family owned and operated company. All our employees are drug free. Clean, nice people you will want to work with again and again.

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Tree removal is one of our most common requests in and around the communities of Olympia, WA. As a homeowner, home owners association, or commercial property management company you may have a large tree or trees that could be a liability or become a hazard. The tree may have already died or is leaning precariously, creating a potential danger to property and people. In some cases, a tree has grown so large that it is no longer aesthetically pleasing for the property. Whatever your situation, when searching for the best local tree removal in Olympia, WA our crew can take care of removing your tree(s) safely and professionally.


Tree trimming and pruning is not just small trees, large trees require trimming as well. Pruning is necessary for the health of the tree, and to improve the appearance of the tree.
It takes a professional to know how much or how little to prune, and in many cases the branches that need attention are at a high altitude in the tree.
When tree growth detracts from what was previously a nice view, tree trimming can often bring back that beautiful view.
If you are searching for tree trimming near me we can handle this job from start to finish.


After a storm passes trees can fall or drop large branches and debris. Whether your property is damaged by fallen trees, endangered by debris creating a hazard or is just a terrible mess, schedule the tree care professionals who do storm cleanup safely without causing more damage. For the best local professionals in Lacey, Tumwater and Olympia, WA schedule Dawkins Tree Care


Sometimes brush can become overgrown or grow in a direction that is undesirable, or maybe to a size that is bigger than what you want. When brush growth impedes what was previously a nice view schedule the brush trimming professionals to come and bring back that beautiful sound view. Our team serves the communities along the Puget Sound in Olympia, Lacey, and Shelton helping improve your views!


If you are considering building a new home or commercial project in an area that is currently populated by trees, we can clear your lot to make way for the new construction. We don’t do large acreage logging, but we can clear your lot of trees so that you can begin building.


After a tree has been removed, there is one part that is left behind that no one wants to look at. The stump.
In the case of larger trees, the remaining stump is a substantial object that can really detract from the overall aesthetic of an otherwise beautiful landscape. We are professionals at stump removal. Dawkins Tree Care owns and operates the right equipment to make your stump disappear. Using a stump grinding machine we can grind that stump down to just below ground level. All you do next is add a few rolls of sod, and no one would ever know there was a tree there.

why we do it

Tree Care

Having grown up in the great northwest. We have a love for the outdoors and these wonderful stately trees Washington State is known for.
Our love for tree removal services and doing what is known to be a very a dangerous job the safe and right way gives us and our customers a great deal of satisfaction.

Knowing we are helping them make sound decisions with their trees by always leaving our customers properties both safer and nicer looking than when we arrived makes us happy!

If you are looking for more tree care resources check out the International Society of Arboriculture.

Tree Trimming


What they are saying...

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Fast. Reasonable. Professional. Will call again.

H. Wynn

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The Prices are reasonable and The people are friendly and kind.

K. Cruz

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Responsive, efficient, and professional. We had a very large and complex job. They came in and completed the work with so much integrity. They left our property immaculate when they were done. I can't recommend them highly enough. We will absolutely be calling on them again for all of our tree care needs.

R. Jamison

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4 important things!! 1. They REALLY know what they are doing! 2. They are very polite, friendly and accomodating. 3. They are licensed and bonded. 4. Their prices are very good for the service you get!

J. Brewer

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Dawkins Tree Care was an amazing company to work with. They are extremely responsive and respectful of your time and property! As soon as we requested an estimate, they were here asking what our needs were and submitted an estimate that they honored. They had no choice but to cut down an extra tree in order to safely fall the tree we needed out and didn't charge us because it wasn't on the estimate. THAT'S INTEGRITY!

They were polite to our entire family, including the dog. After the job was completed they cleaned up our property. Their price can't be beat, one usually has to really pay for this kind of service, these guys are a diamond in the mine!

I'm a Montanan so my "lumberjack" expectations are really high. I don't write reviews, ever, and I feel absolutely compelled to share how wonderful this company is. If you want to see before and after pictures, I'm more than willing to share.

An extremely pleased customer,
Linda Gallivan

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